Atlantis in Nassau Bahama

When you are in the bahamas for only a couple of days. There is one great place to visit in Nassau and that is Atlantis. The place is beautiful. I’ve visited the place for more than 3 times and each time I visit, I continue to discover new and wonderous things. 

The place is split into three building: The cove, The Reef, and The Royal tower. Each one is unique in their own rights. I like the Royal tower because it is the center of all things at night. The casino is there, the club is there, and all the bars are there. But during the day, I prefer to be at the Cove, because it has an outside casino, a nice private swimming pool and private cabana. The reef is next to the cove and you get almost all the treatment of the cove with a nice swimming pool of its own.

If you are ever interested in visiting the place and need a private guide, please shoot me a message. I be happy to be your guide at a minimal cost. 


Successful people don’t work during weekends, here is what they do

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than half of my life. From the momment I started high school until now, I’ve been a freelance web developer and internet marketer. I’ve been up and down the roller coaster as an entrepreneur, but there was once essential thing that I forgot as an entrepreneur: finding time to get away from work and focus on something else instead of chasing the money.

Successful people don’t work during weekends, here is what they do:
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall and Replacement

According to Samsung, the galaxy note 7 replacement is due to hit the store in 2 more days: September 21, 2017. This is for those that already have the note 7 and want to return their device to replace it with ones that doesn’t have bad batteries that can potentially explode. ¬†Are you going to put your device back for recall? I personally really like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but because of the recent problem, I am switching to the iPhone 7 Plus for a little bit to see the potential in the new iPhone device.

Some of the specification of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that I really like:
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Current state of violences around the world

There is surge of violence occurring daily around the world. These event of violence cause catastrophic fear in people everywhere. But do we spend our time fearing what could be and what may be? Or, do we focus on the good and focus on enhancing what is good and put fear on the backseat as a warning to use as a lesson and be proactive on how you take your next step to manifesting “GOOD”.

  • Violence = Bad = Lesson Learned
  • Lesson learned = more vigilant as we work to do “GOOD”
  • More good = more harmony = less reason for violence.

Construction on I4 international speedway

There is constant construction on I4 in Orlando. The road is almost always busy and it is the zone for accidents. When I was working in Orlando, I used to drive down that road on average 2 hours plus a day. And it seems that no matter what, there is always an accident along the way. When will they finish with the construction of the road?

If you are a daily commuter on I4 between Daytona Beach to Orlando to Tampa, please voice your thoughts and maybe get the local state government to finish up the construction on this road.

  • If you have pictures, please share your version of I4 daily
  • Got suggestions on how to fix the i4 problem, please submit
  • As a tourist to the city of Orlando, what do you think of the traffic on I4?

Work is hard, but margarita makes it easier

I am working today, but the margarita helps me cope with all the problems in my life.

Here is a watermelon margarita for you.

Taken with a galaxy note 7


Jackfruit from home garden

This is a jackfruit tree that was grown in my family garden. This year yield quite a few fruit. With the rain season shaking up in Florida, I am thinking the tree will grow quite well because it is getting enough water.


Fishing Hook – android fishing game

Recently, I started playing games again. One of the game that I played is call Fishing Hook. The game is pretty good. It has wonderful graphics and good content. The fish looks realistic and I got to learn the different type of fish. I think you would enjoy playing this game if you like fishing.


Hollywood California – View From The Back Of Hollywood Sign

Most people look up at the Hollywood sign and appreciate its history. While I look from behind the scene and see history in the making. The city is very smoggy. I believe it is filled with pollution.

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